Community Outreach Services

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Our Mission

The mission statement of CTHP's Community Outreach Services is to elevate the health status of our patients and the communities we serve through patient care, patient education, case management, and outreach to the communities we serve.

Community Outreach Services staff make home visits to check on patients, and they can be seen at community events, such as health fairs, Big Times and other wellness related events and activities.


Programs and activities offered by Community Outreach Services:
  • Diabetes Wellness Program
  • Diabetes Wellness Group meetings at CTHP on the first Tuesday of every month
  • Cahto Healthy Living Group at the Cahto Tribe on the last Friday of every month
  • Fitness activities
  • Health screenings
  • Patient education and support
  • CTHP Garden Project
  • Presentations about various health and wellness topics, upon request.

For more information about how we can meet your community wellness needs, contact Doris Sloan, Community Outreach Services Manager at 707-467-5644.   


The Garden Path....

IMG 1496The garden is being planted! If you want to know what's being planted, feel free to call Doris Sloan at 467-5644. Drop by and have a look at the garden the next time you're on campus.







Cahto Healthy Living Group


Cahto community members are invited to the Tribal Office community meeting room where we will talk about health and wellness.
This group meets the last Friday of every month at noon. 
To find out when the next session is click here.

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CTHP Diabetes Wellness Group
CTHP patients and community members are invited to join us for health screenings, discussion about wellness with diabetes, healthy snacks and a light lunch, as well as some fun activities.
This group meets the first Tuesday of every month from 10:30 to 1:00 pm.
To find out when the next session is click here.



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