Consolidated Tribal Health Project, Inc. realizes that reliable transportation can be a barrier to accessing health care.

It is CTHP’s policy to provide transportation options for eligible patients who are following a treatment plan by a CTHP provider.

Transportation is limited and subject to transporter availability.



Transportation Services

Transporters are available to pick up patients and take them to their scheduled appointments. This service is offered to eligible patients unable to get to CTHP, or to an externally referred provider for their appointment.

Advance notice is the best way to secure transportation. Patients must have a referral. Two weeks’ notice is ideal, but if you do not have that much notice before your scheduled appointment, patients can call to find out if transportation is possible.

Minors less than 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or authorized guardian. There are no exceptions.

Transportation services is for medical, dental or behavioral health appointments at CTHP, or to providers referred by the patient’s CTHP provider only. Services are not available for personal business.

When patients are required to have someone sign for them at a doctor’s office and accompany them after a procedure, the patient must have a responsible adult designated to do this and arranged in advance. Our Transporters cannot perform this service. Transporters cannot sign for prescriptions.

CTHP reserves the right to refuse service to ineligible individuals, or non-compliant patients.

Priority for accessing transportation services is generally given as follows:

Current CTHP AI/AN patients.

Current CTHP Medicaid patients.

Elders and mothers with children.

Patients from all local Tribes that do not have a transportation program, or are unable to access a current transportation program offered by their Tribe.


CTHP will do its best to accommodate patient’s needs, but ultimately it is the patient’s responsibility to secure transportation to their appointments.

If you are a CTHP patient unable to access care due to transportation issues, please contact your provider to reschedule your appointment, and then start planning your transportation right away.

Patient Responsibilities

Be at the scheduled location, at the scheduled time.

Wear seat belts properly.

Children must be secured in suitable car seats.

Be respectful of the driver and all passengers.

Foul language and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

Stops for personal business are not allowed.

Smoking, consumption of alcohol or drugs is not allowed in a CTHP vehicle.

Individuals that appear to be intoxicated will not be transported.

Disruptive behavior that endangers the driver and vehicle occupants will not be tolerated.

Food and/or beverages are not allowed in vehicles for trips less than one hour, unless medically necessary.

Patients must take all personal items with them and dispose of any trash in appropriate trash receptacles.

CTHP is not responsible for lost items.

No firearms, loaded or unloaded, self-defense devices/weapon are allowed in CTHP vehicles.

Failure to comply with any of the above patient responsibilities may result in a cancellation of the patient’s transport that day and/or indefinite suspension of transportation services.

To schedule a transport, call 707-467-5658 or 707-467-5610.

Please let the Transporters know if you have to cancel or reschedule your transportation appointment as soon as you can so they can serve other patients’ needs.

Travel Reimbursement

CTHP also offers very limited travel reimbursement for eligible American Indian/Alaska Natives to help patients get to their appointments.

Reimbursement follows Purchased/Referred Care rules.

Contact the Purchased/Referred Care Supervisor at 707-467-5617 for more information.

Patient comments, feedback and complaints.

If you have a complaint, you are welcome to complete and submit a Patient Feedback Form.

CTHP looks forward to serving you.


This page updated 10/03/16