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Flossing: Why do I need to clean between my teeth?

Dental Update

Even if you brush twice a day, there are places you toothbrush bristles cannot reach. There are several ways to clean between your teeth and flossing is the most common. Flossing removes plaques and food particles from between teeth and under the gum line. Your dentist or hygienist can show you the right way to floss. It may feel clumsy at first, but don’t give up! It takes time to get the hand of it. The following suggestions may help: If you haven’t been flossing, you may experience sore or bleeding gums for the first five or so days that you floss. This should stop once the plaque is broken up and the bacteria are removed. If the bleeding does not stop, see your dentist. If you have trouble handling floss, you may wish to try some other ways to clean between your teeth. There are a number of other products, known as interdental cleaner that you can use. These include water flossers, pre-threaded flossers, tiny brushers and wooden plaque removers. Talk to the dental team about which product may be the most helpful for you

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