Consolidated Tribal Health Project
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About CTHP


About CTHP

Our Mission

Consolidated Tribal Health Project, Inc. is committed to healthy lifestyles and honoring traditional Native American values to maintain physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing of the community.

CTHP's History

Consolidated Tribal Health Project, Inc. (CTHP) was incorporated in 1984 to address the disparity in health care among Native Americans living in Mendocino County.

CTHP’s clinic originally was located in a rented office space in Ukiah. Having outgrown its original location, CTHP purchased a 5 ½ acre parcel in Redwood Valley in 1998 that was the site of a pediatric clinic. CTHP renovated the original clinic building (building A) and constructed a clinic building (building B) and the Wellness Center.


CTHP is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) ambulatory community health clinic governed by a consortium of eight federally recognized tribes.

CTHP’s governing consortium of Tribes include: Cahto Tribe of the Laytonville Rancheria; Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians; Guidiville Rancheria of California; Hopland Band of Pomo Indians; Pinoleville Pomo Nation; Potter Valley Tribe; Redwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians of California; and Sherwood Valley Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California.



CTHP has been accredited by Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) since 2006. CTHP has been a managed care organization with Partnership HealthPlan of California since 2011. CTHP is a Title V Compactor through Indian Health Service's Office of Tribal Self Governance.

Service Population

Mendocino County has approximately 88,000 residents, most of whom live in unincorporated areas throughout the county. CTHP served 3,285 patients in 2016. Seventy-three (73%) % of our patients were American Indian/Alaska Native in 2016. CTHP serves patients of all ages.

Service Area

Mendocino County is the fifteenth largest county in the state of California. Located in Redwood Valley, CTHP is roughly central in Mendocino County, about 125 miles north of San Francisco and Oakland, and equidistant west of Sacramento.

Most of our patients are located in and around the inland valley, but some patients come from Round Valley or the coast, each a 1 ½ hour trip one way. Public transportation is very limited and nonexistent in many areas.

Mendocino County’s 3,506 square miles includes coastline and ocean, mountain ranges with redwood forests, inland valleys, lakes and rivers and desert-like areas. Elevation levels range from sea level to approximately 7,000 feet. The county is very rural/frontier with many unincorporated areas.