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Important Billing Information for our PRC Clients

The CTHP Purchased/Referred Care (PRC) eligibility card is an important tool for eligible members who seek emergency or referred care outside of the clinic.

It is ultimately the Patient’s responsibility to provide their coverage information at each visit, and some costs may not be covered. So, please remember:

Carry this card on your person for any services you receive that are potentially PRC eligible.

This card allows a provider to copy and retain for their billing records as a reminder to contact or submit claims to the Consolidated for review and payment.

PRC funds will only be authorized after payment from your primary insurance payor.

If you do receive a bill from a provider please bring it the PRC Office as soon as possible so we can address the issue immediately.

If this card is lost, you may request another copy by contacting the PRC department.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact PRC directly at 707-467-5617.

Torrey Douglass